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Official Patch, Demo and Useful Links

Posted: 06 Dec 2004 16:05
by Steve
In order to reduce stickies, I have put all this together. Thanks to the people who made the initial versions. If you have a link to add, send a Private Message to me.

Official Patch - American

For Windows 2000 goto: ... =DOWNLOADS

For Windows 98 goto: ... =DOWNLOADS

For Windows ME goto: ... =DOWNLOADS

For Windows XP goto: ... =DOWNLOADS

Details here:

Official Patch - European


High speed mirror:

Useful Links
(From orudge's original list)

The official Atari Locomotion site
The official Locomotion site, by Atari.

Steve's Locomotion Depot
Good site with a lot of information, plus tips and tutorials, on Locomotion. Also includes a small object development forum.

Locomotion Development Network Wiki
A Wiki with information on the Locomotion object format.

Signalling Tutorial

LocoUK Forums (Riddled with spam, enter at your own risk)

Spanish Locomotion Forum
Spanish community.

Russian TTD & Locomotion Community

Demo Download Locations
(From John's original list)

Fileplanet - requires registration, get details from - 128mb version - 30mb version (no music)

Fileshack - requires registration, get details from - 30mb + 128mb version

3DGamers -128mb and 30mb versions


ed2k://|file|locomotion_demo_usa_gsi.exe|129705534|32DC68D17528F6EC3EBCA52645F2562E|/ -128mb version

Other - 128mb version - Both Versions