[NewGRF] Lombard Town Names

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[NewGRF] Lombard Town Names

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COVID-19 has struck hard my home region of Lombardy, Italy -- I left in 2001 but I still have friends and family living there.

As a tribute, I created a NewGRF with randomized Lombard town names. I left out big cities like Milan and Bergamo, instead I created a random generator that exploits some regularities in the toponyms of smaller town and villages: the Celtic roots of many names result in an abundance of places ending in -ate, -ago or -asco, with hilarious results sometimes: hello Jerago con Orago and Usmate Velate!

So I hope you will enjoy playing new maps with a Lombard flavour!

Wait, what is Lombard flavour? Perhaps cassoeula? :mrgreen:

Here's a sample map:
(706.38 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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