Is retail TTT 1.1 the latest version available?

A 3D Transport Tycoon-like game, an incomplete version of which was released as "Trains & Trucks Tycoon".
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Is retail TTT 1.1 the latest version available?

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I come back to this every year or 2 so now Im looking to reinstall TTT again but while Im at it I thought Id ask to see where things stand at the end of 2016. Ive done a fair bit of searching round the internet, it looks like nothings changed much since 2014 but I imagine it would be easy for me to miss something, particularly as I dont speak German. With that in mind:

Is the English retail release of trains and trucks with the v1.1 patch still the latest publicly available version of this game or does the German SUS version offer any advantage over the English TTT?

I assume no actual beta versions of 3DTT have been made available publicly? Ive seen the post about the source code and whilst I would love to see this game revived and worked on again I know nothing about coding and so wouldnt be much help. As an alternative is there any chance of talking Peter into publicly releasing one of the later Beta versions?

Thanks for any guidance :bow:
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