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Posted: 11 Dec 2003 08:07
by ThorRune
Prof. Frink wrote:
Zetor2003 wrote:Maybe 25 degree turns, but not at all needed
That would make 14.4 pieces to a full turn...
are you sure that's what you want?
'course there should be diferent types of bends, if u have good space and don'┬Ęt want to slo your train down, use 25 degree turns.

Posted: 11 Dec 2003 11:42
by Hyronymus
The same goes for junctions. You can have junctions for normal speed passage (I think those are 15 degrees) and high-speed junctions (9-11 degrees).

Posted: 11 Dec 2003 15:36
by krtaylor
Given that TTSD is supposed to look somewhat like TTD, I do not think it is a good idea to fiddle with the curves beyond what they already are. It would be very difficult graphically anyway.

The only adjustment would be to make trains REALLY slow down when they make a right-angle corner, so you won't do this unless you really really have to. Besides, it looks ugly.

Posted: 11 Dec 2003 16:01
by Arathorn
Just abolishing that corner is better. :roll:

Posted: 11 Dec 2003 16:06
by krtaylor
You can't abolish it, it is an unavoidable consequence of the way diagonal tracks work. Besides, there are rare occassions where it is appropriate.

Posted: 11 Dec 2003 16:45
by Arathorn
I never encountered such an occasion. :roll:

Posted: 11 Dec 2003 16:53
by krtaylor
Well, I had an odd intersection once between two double-track lines (one going each direction) that was at a strange angle. There was a right-angle corner in there which actually made sense, but it wasn't used because there wasn't a train that had to make that particular turn in that direction. Both halves of the right angle were used by trains turning in other directions, though.

Also, when trains get confused on a double-track line that is going directly horizontally or directly vertically, you can make it possible for them to turn around by putting one piece of track at right angles connecting the two tracks, letting the train flip a U, then removing that piece. Quite helpful.

Anyway, how would you propose to make a right-angle corner illegal while still allowing for all the other kinds of corner? I think CS viewed it as a necessary compromise, and I think he is right, given the square-based format of the board. If you had a hex-based board you wouldn't have that problem, but that would be a totally different game with very different graphical problems.

Posted: 30 Dec 2003 23:38
by Dr Jones
Something people may not have thought of (not sure how easy it would be) would be to allow a method for allowing you or a competitor to use their or your track as a part of their route (for a fee). This would probably only work with human players, building AI to do this would be complicated.

Also the ability to run more than one "company" directly. This is in "The Patch" in a way. Running two different rail operations, one for goods and one for passengers, for example (which links to the above in a way, as the operations would share track).

All my suggestions for the moment, give us a while, I'll give you more.