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DB 102 and PushPull train

Posted: 19 Sep 2020 17:08
by spajdy
I recently made Push-Pull consist that operates under DB wings with Škoda 109E3 (DB 102) locomotive.

I wanted to make real push-pull, that has locomotive that pushes, or pulls the train. I've managed that by adding "pushpull" mode for Škoda 109E3 in subtype menu. Yet, I didn't not restrict using "locomotive".

The pushpull itself should work only with Škoda109E3 correctly, but for some reason if there is loco from another GRFID it just messup and put itself into pushpull mode anyway. (Outside this mode you have Control car behind unsupported locomotive, and it should behave like normal train, in PushPull mode it replaces graphics for the correct effect.) If you know how to fix this, I'll gladly listen to your advice. Thanks.

Please, be aware this is still work in progress and it can result in weird behaviour as not everything is tested. If you notice something, please report it here or in private message. Thank you.

Version 4 (Latest)
(30.87 KiB) Downloaded 17 times
version 4:
I've made it compatible with V4 CE Trains pack. Changed the label back to DGWB and granted fallback track types if it is not found.
It will look for this if DGWB is not present: DGWA, DGWB, DBNE, DBHE, DBHS, SAAa, SBAa, SCAa, SDAa, SEAa, ELRL

Version 2:
I fixed the label for the loco, so you can actually in-game. The used label is ELRL for this public testing.

As there is not readme file yet here are some notations:
This was made as part of Slovak Train Set, but it probably won't be used in there. (Time will tell.)
This is first version and my first *.grf published online for using and testing. Feel free to comment and review on it. Thank you.
Please, place Škoda 109E3 refitted to "pushpull" mode in front of the Pushpull unit to make it work right.

Contents of the NewGRF:
Škoda 109E3 (DB 102), subtype (Normal, PushPull version)
Škoda PushPull unit for DB.

Re: DB 102 and PushPull train

Posted: 08 Nov 2020 09:51
by spajdy
Hi there,
I've uploaded this so it is actually compatible with V4 CEE Train Set, well mostly with their tracks.
Version 4
(30.87 KiB) Downloaded 10 times