XIS - Extreme Industry Set

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Re: XIS - Extreme Industry Set

Post by Emperor Jake »

2TallTyler wrote:
02 Sep 2020 14:12
There’s actually no need for any ITI code, since Waste is actually generated in Improved Town Layouts. It would be easy for ITL to detect an industry NewGRF (as it currently does with ITI) and generate WSTE, RCYC, or any desired cargo type with only a small change to the code.

I haven’t added support for FIRS or XIS yet because the Recycling Depot already generates RCYC based in town population. I see two options with only minor changes to ITL and XIS:

XIS: When ITL is loaded, the Recycling Depot is disabled.
ITL: When XIS is loaded, houses produce RCYC, using the cargo definition in XIS.
The easier way would be to have ITL houses generate RCYC. But like I said before it's not easy for me to make such changes to the FIRS code which would detect other GRFs and disable industries accordingly (Like I could code it in NML but I can't add code to the FIRS Python compiler). So perhaps a separate economy that removes the recycling depots? Or is there a way to override XIS industries and disable them with another GRF? There are a few posibilities here, and doing it this way also has the advantage of working with FIRS3 Extreme if people prefer that.

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Re: XIS - Extreme Industry Set

Post by 2TallTyler »

I don't believe there's a way to override industries in other NewGRFs — disable_items only works on base game items and engine_override only works on engines.

If you're willing to modify the NML generated by the FIRS compiler, you would just have to add an if block around the Recycling Depot, like so:

Code: Select all

if (param["TT\03\01", 254] < 10 || (grf_current_status("TT\03\01") == 0 && grf_future_status("TT\03\01") == 0)) {
	<recycling center item block>
This defines the recycling center code if ITL is too old (version 10 would be the next version to add compatibility with XIS) or if ITL is not loaded before or after XIS in the NewGRF load order.

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Re: XIS - Extreme Industry Set

Post by unidentifiable »

Tentatively excited for this industry set!

With FIRS4 planned to be removing the Extreme industry set, would you be willing to port this project to FIRS4 once it's complete?

I often play on large-scale maps that span entire countries rather than small regions, so the new FIRS4 focus on smaller, concise industry chains is a bit disappointing (but I can understand that there are "balance" and "gameplay" issues to take into consideration). It's hard to say goodbye to the sprawling interconnectedness of Extreme, and the industry variety that it had.

XIS looks like it's exactly what I'm after; MORE! I'm not sure if there's an industry limit in OpenTTD, but apart from crowding the map with too many frivolous industries I love the options that having tons of industries provides.

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Re: XIS - Extreme Industry Set

Post by andythenorth »

unidentifiable wrote:
14 Sep 2020 17:33
the new FIRS4 focus on smaller, concise industry chains is a bit disappointing (but I can understand that there are "balance" and "gameplay" issues to take into consideration)
It's more that I'm interested in 'depth' rather than 'breadth'.

New v4 Steeltown is super-complex in connecting all industry types together in a very dense way. :twisted:

But I'm happy to see XIS and sets like Australian Industries do 'breadth'. :)

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Re: XIS - Extreme Industry Set

Post by JohnFister »

Would it be possible to include a "fund industry" price modifier in the settings? Base cost adjustment don't work with custom sets.

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