[OTTD] 2cc Wagons in NML (2ccWIN) (Available on BaNaNaS!)

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[OTTD] 2cc Wagons in NML (2ccWIN) (Available on BaNaNaS!)

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2cc Wagons in NML (2ccWIN)

2ccWIN includes just the wagons and coaches from
2cc Trains in NML.

Designed to compliment train sets without wagons
or support for new cargos from industry sets like
FIRS, ECS, PBI, etc.

As you can see here I'm using DBSetXL with 2cc Wagons with FIRS Industries.
Even though there is a FIRS extention for DBSetXL, last time I used the Firs extension it didn't work properly for FIRS 2

I may post other pictures with other train sets to show what can be done with 2cc Wagons in NML.


Downloads are available from BaNaNaS/Online Content Downloader.
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