tunnel under sloped ground?

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tunnel under sloped ground?

Post by Altarius »

hi everyone,
i searched the forum for some hours now, but couldn't find anything so i'll post a new thread.

because it's difficult to translate it totranslate everything without loosing the meaning, i start with a picture first

the idea is, to have some arcaded tracks where normally no tunnel can be build.
what do you think about this?
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Re: tunnel under sloped ground?

Post by ZxBiohazardZx »

problem is that the train isnt visable anymore, it just disappears and comes back if im correct, so there would be issues with where the train is in the tunnel, and some overlay issues

but then again im not 100% sure on that
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Re: tunnel under sloped ground?

Post by cmoiromain »

That is indeed one problem. But not the main: we could replace that with a concrete wall. The problem is the coding.
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Re: tunnel under sloped ground?

Post by JGR »

The real problem is that it totally breaks the existing assumption on how land altitude and slope is stored in the landscape array.

Only one altitude is stored per tile (the north corner). The net effect of this is that discontinuous landscapes like you're suggesting aren't really possible.
This cannot realistically be changed, and trying to make an edge case for the tunnels like that would be hideous and ugly to code, as well as computationally expensive. (Hacks like scanning the map array for tunnels when working out altitudes and slopes (this happens very frequently) would absolutely destroy performance).
Trying to make all the tiles above the tunnel "special" just introduces whole new containers of marine wildlife, and is infeasible due to landscape array constraints (compounded as any tile is possible above a tunnel) and having to basically rewrite half the land and tunnel code.

For these reasons, I have a certain degree of doubt that it'll be implemented in the near future.
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