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TTDPatch repositories moved to GitHub

Posted: 17 May 2017 13:16
by orudge
As the old Subversion server could be a bit flaky (i.e., it relied on me remembering to start it), and the web interface was also a bit flaky (i.e., it often stopped being able to read the repository), I've converted the TTDPatch SVN repository to Git and have uploaded it to GitHub:

The various "misc" projects have been split into their own repositories, and the historic GRFCodec and NFORenum code have been uploaded too (with notes stating that the latest code can be found at the DevZone).

If you're a TTDPatch developer who fancies bringing the project back to life, let me know your GitHub username and I'll add you to the project.

The old SVN server is still running for the moment, and I'll keep it archived, but it will likely be taken down at some point. Let me know if you have any queries.