You guys are simply awesome!!!!!

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Re: You guys are simply awesome!!!!!

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HyBeRbOoM xLc wrote:And no, I don't uses the nightly. That probably crashes my system and / or the games. I prefer to stay on 2.5 or 2.6.
2.6 is the nightly :wink:

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Re: You guys are simply awesome!!!!!

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orudge wrote:
eis_os wrote:Any reason why not using the nightly ones? And please don't say bridge speeds. TTDAlter is evil and should be thrown away since ages...
Could you back that up in some way? :? There are still a few things that TTDAlter can do that NFO can't, I believe. TTDAlter is still the most user-friendly way to modify vehicle parameters, anyway. And, in theory, I may one day get around to creating that TDF to GRF converter... perhaps by the time TTDPatch 2.6 is released. :P
It changes TTD in a way that TTDPatch may fail somewhere in certain cases because there are value used not intended, so search fragments can fail, and it creates some pressure so you add the GRF option to TTDAlter :mrgreen:

Dalestan: Even better if TTDPatch would know the displacement of certain code so we would only end up writing a fixed location of the IDB (The chances that we find another unreleased version of TTD is very very low)
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