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TTD Patch

Posted: 28 Oct 2002 08:07
by James

I downloaded TTDpatch (windows version) for my TTdeluxe. Unzipped into my ttd directory, it's got four files. But I cannot get it to work. Whenever I run ttdpatchw.exe, it gives me this error message:

ttdloadw.ovl not found
gamegfx.exe not found

are these files supposed to be downloaded somewhere else?


Posted: 28 Oct 2002 08:14
by anaconda
First things first. Do you have the windows, or the dos version of transport tycoon?

Because the patch copies GameGFX.exe (the exefile in the windows version) to a file named ttdloadw.ovl.

The dos version has other files.

The windows version has a logo of a giant Fish (Fish UK) when starting up.

If you have the dos-version, you must download the ttdpatch not the ttdpatchW! :)

Hope this solves your problem.

Posted: 28 Oct 2002 08:19
by spaceman-spiff
I hope you downloaded from this site :

in the file are these files

just unzip them in your main game directory
then run the game with ttdpatchw.exe -W ttdpatch.cfg

If you can't find gamegfx.exe, then you haven't got the TTDeluxe windows version

Posted: 28 Oct 2002 11:49
by orudge
As Anaconda and spaceman spiff have said, you need to download the Windows version of TTDPatch if you have the Windows version of TTD, and the DOS version if you have the original DOS version of TTD. I suspect you have the Windows version of the patch and the DOS version of TTD - try downloading the DOS version of TTDPatch.