Want to remove an AI script

Discuss the new AI features ("NoAI") introduced into OpenTTD 0.7, allowing you to implement custom AIs, and the new Game Scripts available in OpenTTD 1.2 and higher.

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Want to remove an AI script

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I've got a new install of OTTD and d/l'd some AI scripts so I'd have some competition. A couple of them are screwy and I want to get rid of them. How do I do it?
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Re: Want to remove an AI script

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Hi there. Welcome to OpenTTD and the forum.

The content downloader ingame is a little unhelpful at removing stuff. Howeever from the main menu, you can click on AI/Game Script configuration, and deselect the funky AIs. You can also helpfully report any problems with them here on the forum if you notice a pattern to the issues, and can be bothered with that, no worries if not.

If you really want to remove downloads instead of deselect them, they're in your documents folder. In the folder named 'openttd' is another folder, called 'content_download;. You can from there delete downloaded stuff. if you delete GRFs, you may break any save games that use them, and will need to redownload the correct version of that GRF to use the save. You may see multiple versions of GRFs, this is normal and deleting older versions may cause issues.
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