4 aspect signals, and other signals

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4 aspect signals, and other signals

Post by SombreDolphin93 »

Not sure if there's another topic about this somewhere but my google-fu is crappy these days

Was wondering what the point of the 4 aspect color lights and the LQU or whatever they were, them fancy ones. What do they do vs the regular 3 position signals?

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Re: 4 aspect signals, and other signals

Post by Zakos »

Pretty sure they show the status of the block section ahead of the next.

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Re: 4 aspect signals, and other signals

Post by GarryG »

Usually signals with 4 or more colour lights usually near junctions where a train might need to switch to a different track.

Do you understand the actual signalling? Green line clear to next signal which could be at caution. Orange or Green over red is caution warning driver the signal ahead could be at stop or train will be switching to a different track at next signal.

Some signals show 2 reds in case one light fails the other will still show red. Both reds will go out when the signal is green or orange. If all lights are out and to later for driver to slow his train and be prepared to stop at any obstacle.

Some signals if show red and driver unable to contract the signal person who controls that signal train waits 1 minute and proceed with caution and be prepared to stop at any obstacles.

Hope that helps. If not see if you can show as a image of the signal your talking about.
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