Bus failures

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Bus failures

Post by kargul85 »

I think buses are breaking too often. I have service set up on the road and a new bus (which has 0 years of use) is broken every now and then. And this on the "reduced" fault setting. Failures should be more often when the bus is 15-20 years old and not when it left the factory. Do you have it too? finally turned off the bugs because it was very annoying
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Re: Bus failures

Post by kamnet »

It's a somewhat random setting that you don't get full control of. There is a pseudo-randomized chance that a particular vehicle released in the game has a higher-than-usual breakdown rate. IIRC, playing with OpenGFX+ Road Vehicles will improve this some over playing with the default vehicles, but it's still always going to be a possibility unless you disable breakdowns altogether.

As I am not trying to compete against the game to score points, and I only play casually in order to make pretty looking scenes, I find the feature annoying and just keep it disabled.
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