Lake Distribution

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Lake Distribution

Post by SlyFox » 05 Jan 2019 20:32

This is an idea that just developed as I'm trying to find a lake suitable for surrounding with trains. For some reason or another, I cannot find the perfect body of water. Then, it hit me: What if we were able to control the size of the lakes based upon their distribution frequency? Imagine an option at startup that lets you choose the frequency of lakes within a game map. This option would be separate from the "sea level" option. If the option was set to high, smaller lakes would be placed all over the map in varying numbers, depending on the "sea level". Consequently, if the lake distribution option was set to low, bigger lakes would be placed, with frequency and size being dependant on the "Sea Level"

Now that I think about it, an option should also be for islands, if the sea level is over 50%. Perhaps combine the two in an "Island lake variety distribution" type of thing.

Food for thought. I'm going to futz with the settings more.

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Re: Lake Distribution

Post by Alberth » 05 Jan 2019 20:52

It fundamentally changes how a map is constructed. Now, a global height for all tiles is decided, and then the lower parts are filled with water.
That is, the water results from the construction of the mountains, water is there where the mountains are not.

So the immediate next question to your idea is how do you make mountains with your idea?
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Re: Lake Distribution

Post by Chrill » 05 Jan 2019 23:48

A workaround for this is that you build yourself a scenario! :) I often generate a map and then modify it before I begin playing.
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