[OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

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[OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by rbos86 »

Hello, I'm rbos86 and I'm addicted to OpenTTD.
There are many games to play, but this is for OpenTTD.

I did it again! And again I feel quilty.

After one year with a new computer, with the great games:
Cities: Skylines;
Carmageddon: Max Damage;
Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator,

I've played OpenTTD too much again, I think. Couple of hours now, and during play I've noticed this returning, very quilty, feeling of nothingness.

What can I do?
I want to play my game, but this quilty feeling of OTTD -addiction ruins my evening.
I need help!

That's what this topic is for.
If you suffer the same addiction with quilty feelings, you can talk here. Maybe we need some online therapy for this.
This can be that place.

Stop the madness! Write below if you're victamized by this insanity. Or if you feel to comment.
Thanks in advance for reading...
rbos86' Screenshots thread is here
rbos86' Unrealistic Dutch games -thread, on the other hand,is this button

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by Quast65 »


Hello, my name is Quast65 and I am an OpenTTD addict...

Playing the game is just the gateway drug...
Developing is the hardcore stuff!!! :]

There have been nights where I have dreamt in pixels..... :oops:
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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by kamnet »

Hello, my name is KAM. I have been an OpenTTD addict for nearly a decade.

I am in a particularly deplorable state. I've gone from just playing to playing with mods, and from playing with mods to modding, and then playing with modded games. I push this modding to the extreme. I am at the point where I spend not just hours, but days, configuring my NewGRFs and tweaking each setting just right, then making sure the game can load them all, and then obsessing over the size of the map, the landscape, the distribution of industries...

... and then I don't play. Because I realize I need a NewGRF that doesn't yet exist to reach that ultimate high. So then I work on code, but I'm not a good coder, and I struggle, and I fail, and my code is never good enough, my NewGRFs are never good enough. And I just break down. I hit rock bottom.

But do I get clean? No. Do I sober up? No. I go right back to the beginning. I convince myself I don't need this one last NewGRF, I can go on without it. I start over, updating existing NewGRFs, making sure everything is good, rebuilding my lists...

It's like, I'm not alive, but I'm not dead. I live between the lines.

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by acs121 »

I am totally addicted to OpenTTD since 2 years now. I really need help. I don't have any social life ever since i began playing this game. I am always trying to plan a city correctly, and try everything until the entire world map has been dominated by me.

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by ivansworld »

Although I have only been playing OpenTTD for a year, it has had quite an impact on my life.

I've found that I'll spend hours trying to eek out a miserable train "network," only to abandon the
map and create another.

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by Emperor Jake »

I've been addicted to OpenTTD for 12 years now. But OpenTTD addiction is nothing compared to Factorio addiciton... that game will haunt your dreams as well as every waking moment. Luckily I'm clean at the moment, but only until the next version gets released...
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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by Kruemelchen »

I wouldn't call myself addicted, but in fact I have spent many days and nights with OpenTTD in a state beyond being awake or asleep, instead of doing something more serious, throughout all those years.

And you can imagine, it didn't become better when I started working on mods last year or so. Quite in the opposite have I redeveloped the demonic habit of working on mods instead of working on important papers until right before the deadline. Luckily it has never hindered me fulfilling my duties, but you all know how unseen the poison starts to control you... :wink:

On the positive side of things, OpenTTD made me find my old pleasure in modding again, which had been buried since I entered university and my life became more serious :)

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by AntoninKyrene »

I am WAY beyond addiction. There is no hope for me. Save yourselves at all costs. And for the sake of all things good and proper, do not mod, do not code, and most certainly do not compile. To the dark side you will fall.
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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by STD »

Hi, everybody. My name is STD. I started playing this game since 2010. Me something hooked to be sure. Initially, I have long understood the mechanics of the game. Then began to apply different Newgrf's, combine them depending on what I want to get in each passage.
Artificial intelligence in the game I was pretty quickly tired, as it literally only interfered with enjoy the gameplay. Sometimes I stopped playing OpenTTD. But with the release of the new version, Newgrf's interest returned again. And then faded. But then I found another interest in the game - creating scenarios using a map of our planet, creating a scenario from scratch in the scenario editor. But it's also a temporary hobby in the game. In the first years I played more than now. Just annoying.
Here the main thing is to have other interests in your life, then quite simply you can switch. If your interests and hobbies are different from computer games, you will understand me easily. I think so :wink: .

Regards, STD.
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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by trainrover »

I must be lucky in that starting new games from scratch doesn't much interest me. But when that ottd phase/spell does occur (about once or twice per year) I regretably cheat my sleeps, although by the third or fourth night my crabbiness shakes me out of those abominably funky nights..for just a few's worth, mind you, whereafter I have to revert to begrudgingly disciplining myself.

Just put the game down and immediately do something else..casting it aside truly needn't be difficult..it's merely all in our heads!

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by absay »

I guess it's my turn... Okay.

My name's absay. I've been playing this game for almost 8 years now. At this point, I can say I'm sort of clean because I lived in the abyss for quite a long time. It was a nightmare. Much like kamnet, I would just start game after game after game because the last one was NEVER good enough, never that attractive, never that engaging. "Too many industries... too few towns... map is too flat... oh, I hate hilly maps!... wait, there's only one Factory to serve the whole map? I won't wait until a new one gets funded... god, these factories are too close to each other!...", and then I would just hit the New game button until I would lose any interest at some point.

Then I got into the "create your own NewGRF" fever. "Oh... I don't know how to code but I can draw pixel art!, it must be not that difficult!". But it was very difficult. Then I got into the "just vanilla OTTD from now on". And here we are, playing (or never actually doing it) this damn game now and then.

Still, next major release is coming out in a few months and I know I'll fall back ono it again. I always do. I have no shame.

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Re: [OTTD] Therapy corner for OpenTTD -addiction. Help needed!

Post by lukasz1985 »

I dont play this game anymore. IMO its stupid with the 45deg train turns and 90deg road turns only. Also the online content has became a total mess so I'm unable to balance the game correctly in any manner. So if you want to cure the addiction - step back and see how ridiculous this game is.

EDIT: Also the graphics are just bad. 8bpp is so old and not nice to the eye. One think that makes me irritated is people who are obsessed with making new stuff in 8bpp as if it was holy grail of their existence.

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