Famous Cars

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Re: Famous Cars

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If anyone is wondering, Famous Cars 33 doesn't block any of my NewGRFs. On the other hand, Cars Cars only works with it up to 69. Here's a copy of both, just in case...

Cars Cars 69

Famous Cars 33
Should also still be on BaNaNaS (In-Game Content Downloader)
(370 KiB) Downloaded 42 times
Licenses for my work...
You automatically have my permission to re-license graphics or code by me if needed for use in any project that is not GPL v2, on the condition that if you release any derivatives of my graphics they're automatically considered as ALSO GPL v2 (code may remain unreleased, but please do provide it) and carry this provision in GPL v2 uses.
Please ask someone in-the-know to be sure that the graphics are done by me. Especially TTD-Scale, long story.

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