Strategies for Yeti

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Strategies for Yeti

Post by Plord »

Hello EveryOne.

I have searched in the forums for some strategies for the game, but i think people always reserve their main ideas for some multiplayer match or maybe it was already a very old conversation.

I made a game with the following NewGRF:

Pineapple Trains
Grvts 32 Bpp
32bpp extra zoom complete graphics

and some irrelevant others (irrelevant for this thread of course, not for me, as i love using them all)

with Yeti the main industry is the 4X Worker Yard so my first tought after some failed games was the next:

1.- Problem: In the begining of the game, yetis are not lemmings or rabbits reproducing fast enough to maintain all the chains or brainless passengers giving you insane amounts of money for sending them around the corner in their own city.

1.1 Strategy: Find 2 or 3 Worker yards and link them to a Hub station (the hub is not in the industry where workers go, but i want to use this station depending on wich Inputs i am lacking of in the different chains), this station should send them to a farm for the food chain or to a mine for material chain. The problem is that Yetis dont pay you enough to mantain 3 or 4 Pikka Pineapple trains.

1.2 Strategy: it is more profitable to use trucks to send the workers to the hub and a train to the final destination.

2. Problem: suppose the food chain is complete and now i have some food to send to the workers yard, but the problem is that i have 3 workers yards.

2.1 Strategy: doing the reverse chain, i transfer the food to the hub and there, by truck to the workers yard,

3. Problem: It seems that the food is not that profitable too and actually dividing the produced food by 3 workders yards, doesnt make the boost effect to great.

3.1 Strategy: ask in TT forums for some kind of strategy to make this work,

Actually this is the first time i enjoy to this level an openttd game, i always have fun with it but after the first 10 or 20 years, with the loan paid and thousand of brainless passengers travelling to the speed of sound, it becomes less challenging and you begin to do pharaonic projects well that is not that bad frankly.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Strategies for Yeti

Post by Panando »

I have a clear and effective strategy for Yeti.

Start by developing the machinery chain. Deliver yetis to primary industries (iron ore mine, uranium mine, oil wells), one or two yards per industry, and complete the chain through the secondary industries to the Machinery Factory - at this point it is really helpful if you can deliver 2 or 3 of the inputs to the machinery factory simultaneously to get the +50% or +100% bonus to production per input. One good way is to use transfer orders to an intermediate station, and deliver steel, batteries and refined products on the same train. Deliver the machinery back to the mines to double production per yeti. Once everything is doubled and being transported, there will be a surplus of machinery.

Now that you have a surplus of machinery, it is time to start on the food chain. Deliver machinery to farms to double production per yeti, and deliver yetis, again tapping new yeti yards (you can also found new ones, they are pretty cheap), deliver the three kinds of food inputs to the food factory - now that production is ramping up it becomes less important to try and arrange simultaneously delivery, although it certainly doesn't hurt to get the multipliers.

Deliver food to a yeti yard at a large city - a large city, because yeti yards are limited by population to how much food they can exploit.

Now that you have a high volume source of yetis, develop the building chain, getting yetis from that yard, and delivering building materials to that yard. Deliver these extra yetis to the machinery chain primary industries, to increase machinery production, so the building chain primary industries can be doubled by machinery too.

Once you have everything throughout all the chains being doubled you can essentially generate as many yetis as you wish, limited only by city populations. You can amplify production in a feedback spiral by increasing food and building materials delivery to yeti yards, and yeti delivery to source industries (and keeping up the machinery delivery). Up until most of the industries are being doubled, you can't do positive feedback, and are reliant on tapping new worker yards to increase production.

This is by no means the only viable strategy for 'bootstrapping' the yeti industry chains, but it certainly helps to have a clearly defined plan for getting the production multipliers going.
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Re: Strategies for Yeti

Post by Sylf »

On openttdcoop server, we are playing a YETI game with a following plan.

1. Everything is done using trains. No transfers, no trucks, no buses. No ships, no planes.
2. Pick 9 cities. Each city has 1 yeti yard. 1 yeti yard is dedicated to a production (primary) industry. 1 yeti yard for 1 clay pit, 1 yeti yard for 1 fruit plantation etc.
3. Distribute food back to yeti yards.
4. Distribute just enough building materials back to yeti yards as needed. Send all leftover building mateirals to exchange merchant.
5. Distribute machinery to all 9 primary industries.
6. For the 9 cities mentioned in step 9, provide a local and intercity train network, and grow those cities. Bigger the cities, more yetis are produced from that city, with enough food and building materials.

That was it. Only 9 yeti yards. How bad can it be, right?
It turned out that just 9 yeti yards can go a long way.
Here is the latest autosave of this game.
(705.77 KiB) Downloaded 417 times
(Open it with nightly r27018 or newer)


That kind of big game is good when you're playing with a group of players contributing to one company. But what about when you're playing by yourself?
For that, I find it easier to start with 1 food industry, with a handful (maybe 6-8) yeti yards. Again, I'm only using trains here.
After I have enough money to expand further, I start to reach out for other kinds of industries. First, go for all 3 types of food producers (grain farm, animal farm, fruit plantation).
Then I start on building materials, so I can further boost the yeti production at the yards.
Then add machinery chain to give bigger boost at primary industries.

That's not the only way to play yeti, but I find that one of the easier way to get started.
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Re: Strategies for Yeti

Post by Plord »

Thanks both of you.

I made a heavy gameplay during this weekend, shame to say... i have to work on my train skills, some years passed ingame and having too many trucks is stressing, i will stick to trains in Yeti.

-i could never imagine to begin with the Chain Machinery, i always began with food and stacking 3 worker yards to only one food industry, but it is a better idea to diversify as you say:
In the Yeti industry concatenate is much more productive than to acumulate as in the normal set of industries, thanks to multipliers and a alike.

- It would be useful to measure the multiplier effect for the building materials in Yeti reproduction Vs sending more variety of resources to a second industry. Working with the idea of expanding just a few of working yards (9 for example) rather than several, that would help in choosing a second chain or expanding the food chain for example.

-Oh and sending food to large cities it is also a pretty good idea thanks! i was playing the game in Sub tropical and i didnt relate well town growth (being this too low) and Yeti supplies.

it is normal for the game too lag severly??? i had like 30 trains and countless trucks. i read the manual for Yeti and it says that the computer was going to struggle with Yeti but not in that way. that never happened to me with a map of 128 X 256.

Wooow, playing in 32 bpp is a whole new level of experiencie.

thanks, as soon as i have some time to play i will develop your advices and i will come back to tell you my findings!!!
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Re: Strategies for Yeti

Post by V453000 :) »

There are definitely many options viable what to start with, especially after the 5X has been added, you can start with truly anything.

Starting with Food chain will give you direct access to food and is most "natural", and as Sylf said, probably the easiest...

but starting with Building Materials is just fine too if you exchange most of the Building Materials - you get less in total since the Merchant gives you only 75% (further reduced by your station rating), BUT you get twice as efficient food if you trade in the right ratio.

Starting with machinery is not a bad idea and I have done it in the past too, but it means you Have to get food ASAP after that, otherwise your machinery will just pile up without a real use. Still viable though.

All of the options are just fine, I do not think one is behind in compare to another. Having many 4X Worker Yards in the start is always very helpful to simply get more stuff, but if you do not mind the slower start you could as well just go from one. (Also depends on your town size settings)

The idea of building more same type things should always lose to the idea of getting a bit of everything - and I think it does work that way, since both Building Materials and Machinery have great effects if used in the right amount.

... if YETI is causing some serious lag, be sure to check your cache size setting as the YETI wiki suggests.

... if costs are an issue, either reduce them by basecosts mod, or use NUTS - some of NUTS trains are 32bpp now too, and have YETI cargoes on them so your wagons really carry exactly what you can see at the industries.

P.S. I attach my latest save from the #openttdcoop Welcome Server

V453000 Transport, YETISLUG.sav
(1.27 MiB) Downloaded 280 times
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Re: Strategies for Yeti

Post by Plord »

Hello EveryBody!

Your suggestions were very helpful, i actually managed to pay my loan after 20 years! jaja

My final tactic was to build several worker yards to amplify production and send food to cities where the biggest worker yards where! (hence the big Loan)


and for the train set, i read some post of pikkabird saying that and i am paraphrasing "he wouldnt use high powered trains with only four wagons", with the normal set it is obvious to use for example always ginzu4, in the pinnaple train set, using the Gronk is more viable than a Chief (for short and not so heavy cargo)

decided to work more on landscaping, some logistical issues with station clogins, bla bla bla.... and vuala! money incoming!!


Never played with Nuts i am afraid, but will in the near future now that you upgraded to 32 bpp, just after studying the mechanics of the set, of course (lesson learned i think).
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Re: Strategies for Yeti

Post by Walaamaher »

Just started tonight my first yeti (and i am new to open ttd) tons of downloads and tons of read... i saw the saves you uploaded and they are breath taking.
Please can you help me with the basics
1) What content is the best with yeti?
2) how to make the yeti dude (i have created the food chaing and passengers) but no Dudes are "created" and what type of train wagon i should use if one day i succeeded in creating them
Pleaseeeee :bow:
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