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Discuss, get help with, or post new graphics for TTDPatch and OpenTTD, using the NewGRF system, here. Graphics for plain TTD also acceptable here.

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Read this for FAQ & Rules

Post by Dinges » 11 Aug 2003 19:57

Hello I'm the new moderator here, I'm hoping you'le have a nice time here. But below are a few questions and rules, please read them before posting.

A few answars to questions:
1. I have a new graphic, what should I do :?:
Post a topic about it and show us your work, we would love to see it

2. Why is the old finished graphics topic locked :?:
We decided to do this when this new Graphics forum was opened, if you have a new graphics, comment about it, please post in right topic...

3. The graphics are puzzling me, is there a simple way to browse them :?:
You could go to for a simpler/faster browsing

4. Is there anything that I absolutely need to try :?:
Yes there is, you could read the Usefull Tools and Sites sticky topic

If you have more questions to me, ask it in a topic and I'll post the question here too...

1. Topics regarding graphic project should have title in this way: projectname [ status ]
status can be, developing, finished etc.
If this rule is not followed you will recieve PM that you have to change this, otherwise I do it for you :roll:

2. No off-topicness or spam, this will be deleted by me, or any other moderator...
This rule will be taking serious, violators will get on the black list, 2 violations in a week or 3 in a month and you'le recieve a PM to warn you, if this is not enough there will be decicion by mods/admin what to happen next.

3. * Talking like this *
This is so irritating that it is forbidden from now on, any post containing it will be edited, any post 'only' containing it will be deleted...

And have fun here!

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