Patch: Fix for Bug #669

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Patch: Fix for Bug #669

Post by mindphlux »

Hi gang,

first of all, I'm new here. That didn't really keep me away from messing with the OTTD code a bit, just to get me started. I hope I did nothing wrong with this post, if I did, enlighten me :)

Attached to this post is a patch to solve

where Celestar reports that it's possible to build airports, ship ports and depots as well as road vehicle depots even at a time where none of these vehicle types are available (e.g. 1900).

My patch fixes this issue. An error message (see screenshot) is displayed when the player tries to build stations or depots without having the required vehicle type available. An exception is the bus and lorry station - I prevent building the depot, but not the stations since I couldn't find out how to distinguish these vehicle types.

Included in the patch are the localized error messages for english and german language.

I hope this is useful in some way or another - the bug tracker states this is scheduled for 0.51, but it's not yet implemented by someone else, so I decided I could fix that for starters.


Error message - could use formatting?
Error message - could use formatting?
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Post by TrueBrain »

As you might have guessed yourself, it is most wise to post this patch, and your comments, in the bug report on the page you quote yourself. You can freely create an account there and add your patch, so it is for everyone to read. This forum is _not_ the place for this, as this way there isn't a single place to track all patches/comments/suggestions of a bug report. I hope you understand that.

So I kindly ask you to attach your patch to the bug-report on, together with your comments, and I do hope to see more of such patches in the future :)
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