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Important links and FAQ

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Important Links Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's it called?
The current title is Transport Empire but that's officially still the working title. It may change in the future or stay the same.

Who's it for?
It will be aimed at gamers that enjoy playing transport simulators like Transport Tycoon, SimuTrans or Railroad Tycoon.

Why not just change TTO/TTD?
The source code of TTO or TTD is unavailable. OpenTTD is a nice attempt to recreate TTD but it still has limitations and it also inherited some core issues from TTD. Transport Empire will also be 3D, something unattainable with the (O)TTD code.

Where can I get it?
There is no download available yet.

When do you think this game will be released?
The project has come to a hold a few times because of time limitations of the people involved. Remember that Transport Empire is a hobby project. Because of this we're unable to give any possible release date.

Where can I submit isuggestions?
Please check these old suggestion topics before submitting new ideas: The latter topic is still accessible for new suggestions.

What platforms will it support?
Any platform where we can build it. The intention is to avoid platform-specific stuff in the code to allow it to be as portable as possible. As a guide, the current project leader uses Linux, so it will work on that at least :)

What will the viewpoint be?
The game will have a 3D engine. It will use object models instead of sprites. It most likely will have fixed default viewpoints, but with optional freedom of movement. Zooming should be fluent instead of only having a few specified zoom levels.

What will the graphics be like?
The graphicsmost likely will be real 3D models with rendered textures. There will be enough room for detail and also for different liveries.

What will the pathfinding be like for trains?
Not sure yet but it will definetly be more advanced than TT's pathfinding.

Will the game be easy to mod?
The game is being designed to be as moddable as possible. Basically, the intention is that everything can be changed, and individual parameters tuned.

What climates will there be?
Initially only temperate, to get the game working. Tropical and sub-arctic are good candidates for inclusion, though we hope to make the game moddable enough for people to just add in new game types as appropriate.

Will multiplayer games be supported?
Yes, there will be multiplayer game support.

What vehicles will be in the game?
Rail vehicles, road vehicles, ships and aircraft. Which models is up to the community: vehicles will be moddable.

Who is programming it?
Right now there is no programming going on, we are currently in the state of writing the Design Document.

I want to help!
Please introduce yourself to the forums in a new topic and tell us about stuff you can do.

What languages will it be available in?
Initially only English but the game will support translation.

What programming languages are being used?
C++ and lua scripts for configuration.

Under what licence will the game be released?

What about AI?
Expect it to be smarter than the AI in (O)TTD.
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