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alpha 28

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new alpha version available at

This one again contains mostly bugfixes, as well as the addition of 1/4
and 1/8 speed to the gamespeed switch. Note that these speeds make the
game really choppy, even the mouse cursor will be slowed down.

I've also uploaded a minor update of the DB Set XL. It's still version
0.64, but now it will work in the Spanish version of TTD as well, which
previously caused it to abort with an "invalid sprite" error message.

All changes in 2.0.1 alpha 28:
- fixed generation of current grf file and sprite number in Windows
crash logs
- by Sander van Schouwenburg: allow 1/4 and 1/8 game speed as well
- fixed bug with trains sometimes getting a refit button even if not
- train info window now shows tractive effort, wagon power and
- fixed with gotodepot: train would advance to next order even if it
enters the wrong depot
- allow defining new station classes (by simply using them)
- action 4 textid C4xx now refers to the class of station ID xx, not
class xx
- fixed spanish translation of dbsetxl

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