Official Locomotion patch available

The "spiritual sequel" to Transport Tycoon Deluxe: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is the latest game from him - general discussion about it here please!

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Official Locomotion patch available

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Get it here: ... =DOWNLOADS
(only seems to be for the US version for now)

  • Tutorial 1 road vehicle failed to start at end of tutorial (only affected US V4.02.168).
  • Vehicles would occasionally overtake even if road wasn't clear (could also cause 2 player game to go out of sync).
  • Using scenario editor to generate large worlds with high number of large cities resulted in industries failing to animate.
  • Removing a broken-down power car from trains with multiple power cars could leave train in permanently broken down state.
  • Routing problems with trains approaching multiple-track stations.
  • Entering blank name when setting station name caused crash.
  • Ships and aircraft could be sold while broken down.
  • Displaying town list or industry list window in scenario editor and then generating new landscape could cause crash.
  • "Please insert your CD" message not translated (German only).
  • Trains wouldn't unload and load if breakdown on approach to station.
  • Construction possible while quit confirmation window displayed and game paused.
  • Gridlock possible if both aircraft and helicopters used at large airport.
  • Certain combinations of train vehicles could cause trains to be automatically removed from track when train is reversed.
  • Sea level option in scenario editor caused inconsistent results at values over +28 - Fixed (now restricted to +28)


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