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Map Zoom-in

Post by Napoleon9th »

Hi. Since my screen resolution is large enough, i am playing with 2x UI and 2x font size. However, there's one area where i still have a bit of a struggle, and that's the map window.

From what i see in the code (line 701), the zoom only goes outwards and changing it would not be quite as easy as i had hoped:

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void SmallMapWindow::SetZoomLevel(ZoomLevelChange change, const Point *zoom_pt) 
	static const int zoomlevels[] = {1, 2, 4, 6, 8}; // Available zoom levels. Bigger number means more zoom-out (further away).
For now i'll just use an external program (Paint or Magnifier), but i wonder: would this be useful enough to make it into a suggested/requested feature?

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