Unwanted iOS update

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Unwanted iOS update

Post by Weareallthesame »

Hi Everyone,

The new iOS on Mac does not support the 32 bit version of OpenTTD and now I am forced to play the most recent version.

Does anybody know whether there is a 64 bit version of the old graphics? - somewhere around the 1.1 release versions?

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Re: Unwanted iOS update

Post by jfs »

Graphics sets work for all OS/bitness versions of OpenTTD, you don't need special graphics for a 64 bit version.
The problem you can run into if you use the same graphics set on 1.9 that you used with 1.1 is that the old set will be missing a lot of sprites used for newer features. The result will simply be that some different sprites are used instead, made to match the original TTD graphics rather than the OpenGFX graphics, or whatever other set you used.

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