Surging for a software to make schedule

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The Dane
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Surging for a software to make schedule

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Im trying to find a kind of software to make complete train schedules in.

I want to put in all the track information, lenght max speed, the trains speed, fast, slow, freight, slowing down, starting up etc.

Then try to make a schedule and see how well it could manage. Of course it would be best if it was in 2D and could simulate the schedule, but if only an excel ark to put in the different factors and then help with the.

I wanted to see what different adding to to the existing train net in Denmark could help make a better train schedule.

Im not good to explaing my selve in english. So i hope you understand what im searching for. Im have searched google for a long time now and not found any software to help making a time schedule of any kind. Not even a more simple one. Is a home made excel the best way? I was hoping there was something out there for amateaurs allready.

Thanks in advance.

The Dane.
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Re: Surging for a software to make schedule

Post by odisseus »

You seem to be looking for something capable of generating a real schedule on which a real railway could operate. Such programs, if they do exist, are probably custom-built for each particular railway company, taking into account their particular needs. Of course, this would cost quite a bit.
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Re: Surging for a software to make schedule

Post by CTarana45 »

Have you tried any of the HO-Scale Train websites? :lol: Look Up Train order operation on Google!

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Re: Surging for a software to make schedule

Post by JohnFranklin523 »

Maybe qETRC works. However its main language is Chinese, and I don't know if it has English option.
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