Help Needeed - Creating a 16kx16k UK Heightmap

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Help Needeed - Creating a 16kx16k UK Heightmap

Post by mrbeanisgood »

Could someone point me towards resources on how to do this if it is even possible?

So far I have scoured the forums and found instructions but they aren't clicking with me, and the current heightmaps for the UK are not large enough for the project I'd like to do. I would settle for an 8kx8k map. This is some data I have found, I don't know if it is useful.
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Re: Help Needeed - Creating a 16kx16k UK Heightmap

Post by kamnet »

First, OpenTTD doesn't support maps that large, so you'll have to develop this for the JGR Patch Pack or another patched version of OpenTTD that supports heightmaps that large.

I can't speak as to whether the source you've cited is going to be useful. OpenTTD heightmaps are imported PNG or MBP images set to true 256 color greyscale. There are a couple of threads on here which have links to some programs that can help you download the data and generate the required image, but I don't know how up to date any of the links are at this point. you may have to do some more research on your own.

You'll import your map to an image editor and make any adjustments that you need and save it.

Then your real challenge is going to be the placement of towns, rivers, roads and other assets. There have been some past links to programs which may help with some of this, but honestly I found most of it to be over my head and I don't know what your level of competency is when it comes to running these things.

I'll be honest, this will probably take you a lot longer than you might have initially planned. Some of the most popular heightmaps have taken their creators months, or in a few cases (Cindini, for example) years to create and get to a state where their creators felt they were worthy of release. Don't be discouraged. It can still be a lot of fun, even if it's a lot of work.
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