Galician Town Names

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Galician Town Names

Post by Fedello »


I've returned to this game and I'm looking forward to set a server in Galicia (Northwest Spain). Yesterday I uploaded 2 heightmaps, one from Galicia(Also North of Portugal and Asturias) and one from the Iberian Peninsula. There were already some heightmaps from the peninsula but with low detail, they were too flat for me.

This is my first NewGRF for OpenTTD. It adds the names of the 313 town council from Galicia (northwest Spain). It also creates random names based on the religious/civil districts (parroquias).

You may check the source code in here: ... town-names

Let me know any suggestion or whatsoever! :D
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Re: Galician Town Names

Post by erdek »

So the map of Spain, Portugal, south of France and north of Morocco is yours? I downloaded it the other day, first map I try since I started with this game 3 years ago, and it shocked me for good. It`s amazing IMO. Veeery big for my stile of playing but sure I'm gonna try it.

Today I saw the one of Galicia and as it includes Asturias I downloaded it quickly. It's so great too but I think I would place more mountain in some places. Nothing important anyway and in fact if I reduce the scale a little bit I think it solves that and gets better to the way I like to play.

So overall :bow: :bow: . Gracias!!
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