Kiwitree Korean Station Set - v1.0 released 31st December 2020

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Kiwitree Korean Station Set - v1.0 released 31st December 2020

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Kiwitree Korean Station Set v1.0



This station set adds various station tiles, based on stations in South Korea.
This NewGRF is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA v3.0.

Github repository:
Also available on BaNaNaS.

[+] Spoiler
v1.0 (2020.12.31)
+ Add: Suseo station
+ Add: Parking lots
+ Add: Sinhaeundae station
+ Add: Pyeongtaek Jije station
+ Add: Stairs for modular stations
+ Add: Corner graphics for modular stations
+ Add: 1-tile PSD graphic
+ Add: Object version of subway exit
+ Add: Gangneung station without underground platforms
+ Add: Platform A + Roof B + Sign B
+ Change: Purchase view of Gangneung station
+ Change: Use own concrete sprite instead of OpenTTD's concrete sprite
+ Codehange: Sprite layout of Gangneung station
+ Fix: Sound effect of PSD was larger than intended
+ Fix: Sprite layout of pole at modular station
+ Fix: Company color was not properly applied to modular station sprite
+ Fix: Snow graphics on metro station were not properly displayed
+ Fix: Duplicated Þ in NewGRF description
+ Fix: Cannot select white roof in parameter settings

v0.9.1 (2020.10.22)
+ Fix: Graphical glitches when metro station is built next to slope

v0.9 (2020.09.17)
+ Add: Metro stations
+ Change: Always display platforms and crossings even in transparent mode
+ Change: Show pylons on void tile
+ Fix: Error messages when 'Allow stations under bridges' was enabled in vanilla OpenTTD

v0.8.4 (2020.09.16)
+ Change: Improve multi platform detection algorithm
+ Codechange: Optimise internal code

v0.8.3 (2020.05.06)
+ Change: Improve multi platform detection algorithm

v0.8.2 (2020.05.06)
+ Change: Improve multi platform detection algorithm
+ Fix: Platform B + Sign A was not displayed correctly when Platform A + Sign A does not exist on opposite side
+ Fix: Wrong sprite layout of PSD platform

v0.8.1 (2020.04.08)
+ Fix: Multi platform detection for Platform + PSD + Overpass, Platform + PSD + Modular overpass, Platform + PSD + Underpass
+ Fix: Pole at modular station was not properly displayed

v0.8 (2020.04.07)
+ Add: Gangneung station
+ Add: Gwangmyeong station
+ Add: Simple station
+ Add: Company color for modular stations
+ Add: PSD graphics for platform ends
+ Add: Buffer without platform
+ Add: Buffer graphics for island platforms
+ Add: Platform combination of different types
+ Change: Lower required bridge height for platform with roofs
+ Change: Redrew passenger graphics
+ Change: Redrew snow grpahics
+ Change: Redrew modular station roof
+ Change: Split "Modular Station" group into "Modular Station" group and "Station Buildings" group
+ Change: Make "Buffers" group
+ Change: Layout determination method of 'Sign A'
+ Change: Lighting of crossing sprites

v0.7.3 (2019.12.24)
+ Change: Allow bridges over Platform + PSD and void tiles (JGRPP)
+ Fix: Graphical glitches of Seoul station pt.1 & pt.4A
+ Fix: Sprite alignment of Seoul station

v0.7.2 (2019.12.21)
+ Add: Car graphics for Seoul station
+ Add: Snow graphic for Old Seoul station
+ Fix: Graphical glitches on Seoul station
+ Fix: Wrong layout when Seoul station pt.1 is built more than two platforms at once

v0.7.1 (2019.12.21)
+ Codechange: Improve internal code

v0.7 (2019.12.21)
+ Add: Snow graphics for platforms with buffer
+ Add: Seoul station
+ Add: Void tile
+ Change: Passenger graphics

v0.6 (2019.09.13)
+ None

v0.6-beta1 (2019.09.09)
+ Add: Separate Part 2 due to lack of station IDs
+ Add: Parameter to disable shadow under roofs
+ Add: Parameter to disable snow graphics
+ Add: Parameter to change colour of roofs
+ Add: Underpasses
+ Add: Platform + PSD + Overpass, Platform + PSD + Modular overpass, Platform + PSD + Underpass
+ Add: Platforms with buffers
+ Change: Order of facility tiles
+ Codechange: Rewrote Internal code

v0.5.1 (2019.04.28)
+ Fix: Group ID collistion with Korean Subsidary Station Set

v0.5 (2019.04.01)
+ Fix: Train could enter non-track tile

v0.5-beta3 (2019.03.25)
+ Add: High-platforms only mode
+ Add: Compatibility mode
+ Add: Modular overpass without platform
+ Add: Snow graphic of crossings
+ Fix: Wrong station tile names

v0.5-beta2 (2019.03.24)
+ Add: Non-track platforms
+ Add: Parameter to allow build stations under bridges
+ Fix: Various graphical glitches

v0.5-beta1 (2019.03.17)
+ Add: Snow graphics on platforms or roofs
+ Add: Passenger graphics on PSD platforms
+ Add: Platform + Sign C, Platform + Light
+ Add: Braille blocks on overpasses
+ Change: Migrate to m4nfo
+ Change: Replace various sprites with redrawn sprites
+ Fix: Various bugs
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Re: Kiwitree Korean Station Set - v1.0 released 31st December 2020

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Impressive! :D
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Re: Kiwitree Korean Station Set - v1.0 released 31st December 2020

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Great Job :D
I'm looking forward to this
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