How do you install a NewGRF?

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Re: How do you install a NewGRF?

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It's logical, first loads first, second loads second, etc. However, the second (possibly) overlaps the previous.

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Re: How do you install a NewGRF?

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Foobar is correct. I should have specified priority as referring to a NewGrf's graphic content.

A good example of this would be the Canadian Station Set which has parameters for fences and snowline height. If it is lower on the NewGrf List then it's parameter settings will override those that influence fences and snowline height of another NewGrf that is higher up on the NewGrf List. Of course the opposite is true as well. If the Canadian Station Set is higher and another NewGrf influencing those options is lower then the other NewGrf will have the graphical priority.
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Re: How do you install a NewGRF?

Post by rt-2 »

Alberth wrote:You speak in riddles.

First you want to "install", now you want to "open". What is "it" in your last post? a .grf file, the wiki web-page, openttd, ttdpatch, ?

What **exactly** are you trying to **achieve**?
Please assume I am an idiot and explain it as precise as you can.
ChaChing! wrote:All I want is to manually install or (whatever the **** was), open the grfs and put it into the opentdd file, so how do you do it? Do you open a program? Do you download something (apart from the NewGrfs) or something else?

P.S. My english is bad. :(
Alberth wrote:If you could 'open' a newgrf, what do you expect to happen?
First of all, if you guys could read your own links you could read that he's doing what he's told:
Your own link ask us to OPEN the file, yes 'OPEN' the GRF!!!
I'm 26 and I've been TTRYING to follow the instructions for an hour!
1. Download the NewGRF (.grf) file.
2. Move (and uncompress) the NewGRF file to the newgrf directory of your OpenTTD installation. ******** (UNCLEAR)
I have tried to put both the whole folder AND the .grf directly into "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\OpenTTD\newgrf", restarted my game, and the "NewGRF Settings" does not detect any files, I tried downloading from online, manually droppign them there, nothing.
I tried googling it (I only find guys like you who just say "cant you follow the link" and then contradicts what the link actually says)
Yexo wrote:1. Put the grf file in the correct directory (read the readme from the link planetmaker gave you).
2. Start OpenTTD, click on "NewGRF settings" in the main menu and the NewGRF there.
Yeaht he list is completly empty!
Voyager One wrote:Step by step:

1. Download the NewGRF wherever you want.
2. Open Windows Explorer, go to that GRFs folder and unzip it.
3. Copy it into your OTTD's Data folder.
4. Start OTTD.
5. OTTD will say "Scanning for NewGRFs" - wait.
6. On the opening title menu click on "NewGRF Settings".
7. A window for NewGRFs will open - the upper black box shows currently used GRFs, the lower box shows all available GRFs.
8. Double-click (or one-click + "Add" button) on a GRF which you want to use (lower box).
9. That GRF will show in the upper box and will be loaded into your game.
10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for more GRFs you want to use.
11. After you're done, click "Apply changes" button.
12. Close that NewGRF window ("x" on the upper left corner).
13. Click "New Game" button or "Scenario Editor" button, depending what you want to do.

Did I miss anything? Devs, feel free to copy this on wiki... :mrgreen:
What is the 'data' folder, it doesnt exist in my game folders nowhere?!?.
Thank you

P.S. Please dont say "dont bump an old post". It's the first result in Google and so it needs to be updated to working instructions.

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Re: How do you install a NewGRF?

Post by rt-2 »

You need to create a folder newgrf ANMD a folder inside that one called data, in the main game folder,
AFTER THAT, the ones you put in my documents will work but not before.
WTH but thats that.

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Re: How do you install a NewGRF?

Post by planetmaker »

I suggest to use these info to check where to place NewGRFs (or whatever other content): ... irectories

In essence: you just need to place a newgrf in the 'newgrf' folder. Whichever that is...

Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\OpenTTD\newgrf
macOS: ~/Documents/OpenTTD/NewGRF
linux: ~/.openttd/newgrf

You'll need to either scan anew for newgrfs. Or restart OpenTTD. The NewGRF must not be inside a zip file (tar is fine. rar is not. A subdirectory inside is also fine, so you can keep all files belonging to one NewGRF separate, if you unpack an archive)

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Re: How do you install a NewGRF?

Post by Eddi »

rt-2 wrote:What is the 'data' folder, it doesnt exist in my game folders nowhere?!?.
the "data" folder does not exist anymore, it must say "newgrf" nowadays. and if the "newgrf" folder does not exist, you can create one.
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