Train Fever

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Train Fever

Post by locomotor79 » 25 Aug 2014 13:46

hi all
i whant 2 introduce a new game its comming out soon you can alrdy buy it on steam
although it only has a staf off 2&1/2 ppl on it

its sorta real 3d version of TTDX/opentdd/ttd

i am not sure iff its alowd 2 link some youtube pages but its abt a new transport game and it looks awesome nonetheless ... rain+fever

and you can buy it on steam for not that much at all only 23,- euro's or abt 15,- pounds
i am not sure iff the amount is correct WITH!!!!! the diff between Euro and british sterling/pounds

greetz Locomotor

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Re: Train Fever

Post by Geo Ghost » 25 Aug 2014 14:07

Please don't join just to advertise.. and write absolutely terrible :?


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