Stop City Expansion

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Re: Stop City Expansion

Post by Zakos »

A quick visit to the wiki confirms this, but also disproves it: ... 14_-_Roads
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Re: Stop City Expansion

Post by Greyfox »

@Coen: If you extend a city road onto the one way road, then the city will extend it even further. If the city road ceases at the one way road, then it will not. I have noticed in some scenarios that buildings appear on the other side of the one way road, but no new roads.

Hope this is clear.

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Re: Stop City Expansion

Post by luk3Z »

Ok guys, is there any LocoPatch for this stupid city expansion and multi level bridge madness ?
If no, I will contact with Chris and ask him for making something like this.
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Re: Stop City Expansion

Post by Lighthouse »

good luck with that, not gonna happen, no contact.
if yes, then you are lucky.
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