How do I build a roro station when I have a double track system?

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How do I build a roro station when I have a double track system?

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I built a simple loop track, one track each direction. Eventually this was too slow and I needed two tracks each way, and bigger stations at each end...
The unloading works fine, but the loading station, the trains have some odd behaviours.

A signal will block one side of the two tracks (going towards the station) from being used, as if they are reserved for a train half way down the route (about 5 signals away). This prevents the much closer train going for the station, even though the route is clear.

I read that sometimes trains and signals in this version don't work correctly if the tracks going into the station are not all straight, so I made some alterations (attached) but still no luck.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be super happy. Got pretty annoyed this morning, and seem to be getting no closer to solving this problem.

I even tried adding a switch track junction prior to the corners, but it didn't make any difference. Was frantically trying to remove it this morning on the way to work and crashed some trains. I'll revert to a previous save anyway to try out another solution (Hopefully).
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Re: How do I build a roro station when I have a double track system?

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First off, I feel like a triple station is hardly necessary, but if you want to do one then make sure everything is connected (for example, use wide curves to connect the outer tracks on that crossing).

Second, it may sound a little weird but you need to place double-sided signals right before the platform. This will ensure that the trains wait behind the crossing to see which platform will open up first.
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