Talk about the new mobile version of Transport Tycoon (for iOS and Android) released in 2013.
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So I'm relatively new to this game, never played the PC version, but anyways, I had a question about passengers. How do you fill up docks and bus stations with passengers? They dicipate after a while, and I don't know why. Especially early on, the bus stations are sometimes never full. Same with docks, the passengers just go away after a while. Why is that? I have no competing companies and it still does that. Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: Passengers

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If no one picked me up from the station for days, I'd leave too :P

In all seriousness, that's just how the game works, and not just with passengers. If your vehicles take too long to return then the cargo won't be at the station because the town (or industry) has decided that you're not worth their time. Also, passengers are in short supply in the beginning simply because there are very few houses around to produce them, and smaller buildings just don't produce as many as larger ones.
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