Transport Tycoon for Android $4.89 (or even free) via Amazon

Talk about the new mobile version of Transport Tycoon (for iOS and Android) released in 2013.
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Transport Tycoon for Android $4.89 (or even free) via Amazon

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LINK: Transport Tycoon for Android

Available fro $6.99 via Amazon Appstore, instantly get 210 Amazon coins back, making it effectively $4.89. You can also buy with your existing Amazon Coins, or if you act quickly, you can download some of these free apps to earn 200 coins each (expiring soon)!

Food Network in the Kitchen
iHeart Radio - Free Music & Video
Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
Don't Step on the White Tile
Dr. Panda's Kitchen - Cooking Games for Preschoolers

And if you're really greedy, use your free coins to download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for 699 coins (or $6.99) and get a bonus 2000 coins back, good until June 29.

You do not have to actually install any of these apps, you only need to install the Amazon Appstore app and register your Android device. Some of the apps may warn you that it won't run on your device, but you can still purchase them.
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