Still flummoxed by pathfinding

Talk about the new mobile version of Transport Tycoon (for iOS and Android) released in 2013.
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Still flummoxed by pathfinding

Post by Bedwyr »

I decided to try the game again after the update and I remain pretty disappointed. I created a test loop (screenshot) and no matter where I placed a waypoint or multiple waypoints a train that is supposed to remain on the mainline turns off onto the loop spur. I'm not worried about fancy interchanges TTDX style yet but want to observe simple track branching like this. What I naturally expect to happen doesn't happen. Am I missing something?
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Re: Still flummoxed by pathfinding

Post by Zakos »

That is perplexing, but not unheard of. I've found that most other spurs work just fine, so just make sure that the vehicles' destinations (not just the waypoints) are set correctly.
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