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Talk about the new mobile version of Transport Tycoon (for iOS and Android) released in 2013.
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Re: Forum Name

Post by wallyweb »

Name it what it is:

Transport Tycoon 2013

Then make the first post locked and stickied with Official Links pointing to the web site, forums and store.

After that, let the topics fall where they may.

If there is to be a subforum, Strategies might be appropriate for game play discussions.
Problems and bugs should go to the official web site, considering that they have apparently made provisions for these.
Another stickied topic might be Reviews where tt-forum members could post their impressions.

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Re: Forum Name

Post by Roman »

Name it what it is:

Transport Tycoon (Mobile)


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Re: Forum Name

Post by YNM »

Name it as what you believe your eyes, your memories, and your logic sees it :

LoMo (Locomotion Mobile)

YNM = yoursNotMine - Don't get it ?

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