How do I upload an update to my NewGRF?

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How do I upload an update to my NewGRF?

Post by Donald Duck »

I'm trying to upload an update to my NewGRF using, but after filling out all form and submitting it, I get the error:
There is already an entry with the same md5sum-partial for this package; this most likely means you are uploading the exact same content.
Obviously the content is very similar to the one I've uploaded before since it's a new version of the same NewGRF, but it's not the exact same content since I've changed the graphics a bit.

How do I fix this error?
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Re: How do I upload an update to my NewGRF?

Post by Eddi »

if it's the same md5sum, it IS the exact same. (*)

(*) there's a known attack where you can reproduce an md5sum with a specially crafted data tail, but we're not after cryptographic security here
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Re: How do I upload an update to my NewGRF?

Post by Michi_cc »

The md5sum for NewGRFs is only done over the data part and not the sprite part. This should not be a problem as it's prudent to update the version entry in the Action 14 so the game knows which version to load.
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