bananas-cli: A unofficial CLI for BaNaNaS

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bananas-cli: A unofficial CLI for BaNaNaS

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bananas-cli is meant as a unofficial replacement for the previous bananas-frontend-cli which in return was a replacement for musa. I wrote this replacement to offer a more interactive command line application that has even more up-to-date features than the official counterpart.


For many developers, I could see this as a quality of life improvement to ease with publishing and updating of their GRFs, heightmaps, scenarios, gamescripts and everything else one can upload. From my experience, musa and bananas-frontend-cli were very confusing for users and many did not manage to cope with the command line. While I still use many command line aspects, I have added functionality for selecting from lists, writing tags and confirming actions interactively.


More information can be found by going to the repository or running "bananas help".

You can download the Windows-Executable for the CLI over at my github:
It is advised to add the location of the executable to your Path environment variable to use it everywhere. Linux or Mac users will need to compile the code themselves, using Dart 2.12 or newer.
Please use "bananas_staging.exe" for any testing, as it is bound to the Bananas-Staging site.

This application is currently in beta phase and while uploading, editing and updating NewGRF packages should work for the most part, it is untested if any other content types actually work. Otherwise, there might be some issues while using the application that I'd please ask you to report to the issue tracker.
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