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32bpp sprites and Zoom levels

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 13:19
by werbfred

With a friend of mine we are considering making a mod with 32bpp sprites. There are already existing ones zbase, abase, (uncomplete and missing files)...

So we started plyaing around with the basic of temperate flat tile. Somehting very basic yet...

We have created a 256 x 128 pixels tile for the zoom level 4x 8) Works pretty well :D

In NML, we have only defined 4x zoom yet, and been reusing the original TTD file for the 8bpp purpose.

I was expexting that our tile would only show up on the 4x zoom level, but it was showing up on every zoom level... Why defining sprites for different zoom levels, if they are being computed by the game? Why not generating only Zoom 4x 32bpp sprites ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: 32bpp sprites and Zoom levels

Posted: 28 Jun 2020 17:49
by Alberth

The game doesn't know what the important colour is, it just merges colours equally.