NML 0.5.3 released 15th September 2020

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Re: NML 0.5.0 released 26th April 2020

Post by 2TallTyler »

For what it's worth, I think the development and maintenance of NML is one of the most important projects to happen during my relatively short time (<5 years) playing OpenTTD. The game is a stable base for expanded content for NewGRFs which extend the game dramatically from its original function, and NML opens up development of this content to a broad group of users (including me) who would otherwise be scared off by NFO and other less user-friendly development tools. There is no shortage of creativity or passion being applied to better this game, often by people with no software development experience.

The flip side of this democratization is that newer users with less experience may not understand or appreciate the chore of maintaining software and keeping users happy despite necessary changes. Some may perceive NewGRF development as easy and — without trying it themselves — make suggestions or demands of NewGRF creators without realizing how much time and effort it would take to implement their ideas, if they're even possible. Less common on TT-Forums, but something I regularly see on Reddit are suggestions to "pester the devs to add feature X." This is likely a behavior learned from commercial games where paid developers solicit more input from players.

OpenTTD is a free game. We don't "deserve" NML, trunk updates, patchpacks, FIRS Extreme or other NewGRFs, Wikis, or TT-Forums, because we have not paid for any of those things. They are created and maintained by people expecting nothing in return. Maintaining NML seems to be a thankless job, but we should all be thanking you and everyone else involved. Thank you. :)
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Re: NML 0.5.0 released 26th April 2020

Post by FLHerne »

0.5.3 (2020-09-15)
This release primarily restores legacy industry properties and vars which were removed in NML 0.5.0. This is done for compatibility, so that older industry grfs can still be compiled with NML 0.5.3.

See the NML 0.5.0 changelog entry for a list of the legacy industry properties and vars that were removed, and are restored in NML 0.5.3. A warning will be shown when these are used, and they may be removed again in some future version.
  • Change: Show more info in `nmlc --version
  • Change: Reintroduce industry property 0.4 syntax for compatibility
  • Fix: Rounding errors for some speed values (#147)
Windows executable: nml-standalone-0.5.3-win64.zip
Source tarball: nml-0.5.3.tar.gz

As usual, the latest version is also available through `pip`.
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Re: NML 0.5.3 released 15th September 2020

Post by Eddi »

applause was cancelled due to covid restrictions
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