Standardized Roadtype and Tramtype Schemes?

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Standardized Roadtype and Tramtype Schemes?

Post by SimYouLater »

Is this a good idea, or is it redundant?

I could at least see it working for trams, since there are both meter gauge and standard gauge tram track types.
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Re: Standardized Roadtype and Tramtype Schemes?

Post by Eddi »

The rough result of the last discussion about this topic was: there's not enough vehicle sets yet to see whether that is really needed, and which details need to be modelled.
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Re: Standardized Roadtype and Tramtype Schemes?

Post by Erato »

Tramtype scheme is redundant. There's no reason to differentiate between that and the Railtype scheme.

As for the Roadtype scheme, that'll be really useful. Make sure to base it on the Railtype scheme tho.
And I agree with Eddi, it's a bit too early to make any definitive statements.
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