NML Py-Patcher - a pre-compiler written in Python 3

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NML Py-Patcher - a pre-compiler written in Python 3

Post by FulliAutomatix »

So I was having issues with other methods to "patch" (as I call it) pnml files into the one nml file that NMLC can read.
So I decided to write my own "patcher" myself in Python (sounding like a good idea as NMLC already needs python), and since I think I've made it robust enough I believe I should share it with the community!
Download link!
I'm distributing it under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0

So far it can read references from pnml files (#include "example.pnml") to patch together and use custom variable definitions for reference in the code (#define CUSTOM_DEFINITION 288).
The rest will just be written directly to the nml file to be compiled.

The definition does NOT currently work with function-like definitions.

Please give any feedback, it is much appreciated :P

I hope you enjoy!

Edit 26 05 18: Use the download link above, includes full example and license
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Re: NML Py-Patcher - a pre-compiler written in Python 3

Post by Tony Pixel »

You're god man :bow: :bow: :bow:
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