Problems with language files

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Mr Bruco
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Problems with language files

Post by Mr Bruco »

Hello here, I'm new with nml and code in general, I'm interested in learning it.
I tried to follow the steps of tutorial, but I'm in trouble at some point.
I think an image can explain more than many words, so this is an image of what I've done so far
(192.05 KiB) Not downloaded yet
The files are copied directly from the tutorial, I tried to make as few mistakes as possible, but this is what comes out and I have not idea of how to move forward.

Thanks to those who will help :bow:

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Re: Problems with language files

Post by rowdog »

The first letter of the file name should be lowercase so it's english.lng not English.lng.

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Re: Problems with language files

Post by Alberth »

The error is about a duplicate ##grflangid line.
Each language has its own ID, see the table under "LanguageIDs" at ... uage_files (1st column).
Apparently you have at least 2 files with language ID 1, ie more than one file that claims to be the English(GB) translation. Since the computer cannot know which file is speaking the truth, it wants you to fix this by changing the ##grflangid line of the files until there is one language file for each language.
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