Korean Train Set 2.0.0

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Korean Train Set 2.0.0

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Korean Train Set offers various trains and railway of the Republic of Korea, a.k.a South Korea.
I fully rewrite the whole code from scratch and started to managing this NewGRF via Github.
Please tell me if there is a bugs, or you have any suggestions via Github.

I have implemented plenty of vehicles including some steam locomotives(Mika 3, Pashi 5, Mate 2), 7600 Diesel locomotive, DEC(Diesel Electric Car), EEC(Express Electric Car), Stake car and so on in this time.
Sorry for not attaching full changelogs since it is not in English.

Note that it is not compatible with old versions(1.x.x) so I am not strongly recommend to apply 2.0.0 in your savegames.
- OpenTTD/OpenRCT2/Parkitect Korean Translator
- TELKLAND site manager, the korean website of OpenRCT2/OpenTTD (https://telk.kr)
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