Crates On New Vehicle Expressways Yield Outrageous Riches But Exhaust Less Toxic Smog

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Re: Crates On New Vehicle Expressways Yield Outrageous Riches But Exhaust Less Toxic Smog

Post by GarryG »

Love the boxes as they move so nicely and look good even when they go around corners.

I think if you make different items to carry different cargoes .. stick to the same size as the boxes.

Just a idea .. maybe for some cargoes could have a pallet be just a few pixels high when it empty. And when full same size as your boxes.

Some of the cargo items in the CHIP set could be used as well.

Good work .. great for those who like to play a game that different.
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Re: Crates On New Vehicle Expressways Yield Outrageous Riches But Exhaust Less Toxic Smog

Post by LaChupacabra »

Andrew350 wrote:
12 Jul 2020 21:20
LaChupacabra wrote:
09 Jul 2020 22:37
So give more power, more torque, just more of everything. :D
I wish I could, but I've already maxed everything out :P 2550hp just isn't enough for 45 tons apparently. Also toyed with the idea of 'specialty' crates as you suggested, but I would need to plan out a more complicated set of vehicles to make that work I think (to give everything purpose).
2550hp is definitely not all what you can give. :) In a Korean set they can be much bigger. I don't know, but maybe it's due to adding a multiplier that can increase the limit.
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Conveyor Belts - more power!.PNG
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Andrew350 wrote:
12 Jul 2020 21:20
I could do dates that way, though I'm almost certain I will get the same complaints of "not-enough-customization" as with RattRoads :P As for different belt graphics, that might be a good idea if I plan on making them era-specific, just have to find a design that still "moves" without looking too futuristic. We'll see how ambitious I get about it ;)
In the case of roads, this accuracy is much more significant, because thanks to this, the set can be adapted to the conditions of different countries, regions or even vehicles sets.
There, the literalness is advisable, here not necessarily. You will do as you see fit.
Andrew350 wrote:
12 Jul 2020 21:20
Making custom graphics for this would be interesting, I just don't know if it's worth the effort right now.
You can do dedicated depots even now. Stops, there are many indications that they will be able to be added soon. :) When it comes to marking one-way roads, I was thinking about something like this...
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Conveyor Belts - oneway gate.png
Conveyor Belts - oneway gate.png (58.26 KiB) Viewed 282 times
This is a reworked graphic from Garry's rail waypoints. There might be signs instead of lights. There is a bit of a problem in this case with the asymmetry of your belts. I also don't know if this graphic can be divided into elements under and above the vehicle. As for the question "is it worth it", in my opinion it depends on how bored you are. ;)
I'm not any artist, but I could deliver such split gates with lights (flashing or not) or signs if you'd like to add them.
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Re: Crates On New Vehicle Expressways Yield Outrageous Riches But Exhaust Less Toxic Smog

Post by oftcrash »

I might just play an entire game with only conveyors and pipes!

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