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ScotRail Class 380 & Class 385 (23-11-2019)

Posted: 23 Nov 2019 21:07
by PNDA_
ScotRail Class 380 & Class 385
Returning back from a little pause I present you the ScotRail Class 380 & Class 385 NewGRF. As I noticed that the ScotRail Classes 380 and 385 were nowhere to be found for NewGRFs, I decided to create my own Set. I've talked to the creators of RUKTS (a really good set for british trains), though as it sadly does not fit into their vision for their Set, which I fully understand, I've decided to put them in my own. I wouldn't mind adding a few other British Trains, so this might become a slightly bigger Set. Currently there's just the 380/0, 380/1, 385/0 and 385/1 included as seen in the image below.


Source Code, more information and regular updates can be found on GitHub and our Discord.
On GitHub there's also a few more images.

When you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions for the GRF, please submit an issue on GitHub.

- Fix Prices
- Added Pantographs (How did I forget?)
- Added Class 380 & Class 385

Credits & License:
Coding & Graphics: spnda (me)

- Available on BaNaNaS, the online content downloader built right into the game.
- Available on GitHub. (You will also be able to find pre-releases/nightlies there!)
- Or just get it right here, on the forums:
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Re: ScotRail Class 380 & Class 385 (23-11-2019)

Posted: 09 Aug 2020 12:46
by PEPSprinterPacer
Very good Set, especially when using Scotland maps