Docklands - 1.0 Released

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Re: Docklands - 1.0 Released

Post by Diesel Power » 18 Mar 2018 05:58

I guessed that was probably the case. Now which one do i sacrifice? Decisions, decisions.....

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Re: Docklands - 1.0.1 Released

Post by kamnet » 05 May 2019 04:39

Testing out Docklands 1.0.1 on OpenTTD Nightly 20190504. The electrified road is identified as "Road Construction", and appears at the very bottom of the list instead of next to the regular "Road Construction".

* Parameter to enable/disable houses growing along roads and trams (disabled by default)
* Parameters to set or disable speed limits per road or tram track
* Unelectrified tram lines
* Parameter to select roads only, trams only, or both

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