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[NewGRF] French Small Town Names (v0.1)

Posted: 22 Jan 2017 16:26
by arikover
Bonjour tout le monde !

There is already a "French Town Names" NewGRF, by ElDwayne, Alexboy and Ammler. It features relatively well-known names. Well, let me introduce you the "French Small Town Names" NewGRF, featuring really obscure town- and village names from France.

At the moment, it has 34,030 different (and authentic) names, divided in 6 sub-sets:
  • Smallest: 32,640 names of the smallest french towns/villages. Some have no inhabitants at all.
  • Biggest: 2,040 names of the biggest cities in France.
  • Lonely: 19,636 names made of one word.
  • Sociable: 14,394 names made of several words.
  • Definitely: 1,942 names beginning with a definite article.
  • Saints: 3,716 names based on local saints. Yeah, that many.
Of course, some names can be in more than one sub-set.

Available via online content, or at your local Banana store: >> DOWNLOAD <<

License GPLv2. You'll find here the source code, with a lot of comments:
NFO source code
(2.23 MiB) Downloaded 153 times
At the moment, it is translated into English and French. If you want to translate it into your favorite language, contact me (in this topic, or with a PM).

Suggestions are welcome!

Most importantly: have fun!