combining all originals in one set

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combining all originals in one set

Post by GiaNN »

hi everybody,

I was wondering if someone ever tried to create a tile and sprite set: landscape, vehicles and industries combined from the 3 original sets?

GRF data is already present in the standard sets only not in one world.

This for example would allow a.o water, fruit, diamonds and rubber to exist in the same world as wood, valuables, iron, paper, coal and more. This not being the extension like FIRS industries.

This question is related to my post. viewtopic.php?f=65&t=73966

to me it sounds like an easy job,
Thanks in advance for your feedback

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Re: combining all originals in one set

Post by Gremnon »

OpenGFX+ Industries can do at least some of what you're suggesting - through the parameters, you can have industries and cargoes from all the climates available regardless of which one you actually choose.
Afaik there was an attempt once to make all the climates in one world, but it never really went anywhere except for a proof of concept, and that was some time ago.

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Re: combining all originals in one set

Post by Emperor Jake »

Likewise, OpenGFX+ Trains can combine the temperate, arctic/tropical, and even toyland trains. In fact, get all the OpenGFX+ sets, each of them carries significant improvements while keeping the spirit of the original. Make sure to explore the parameters.
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